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Brewing for festival with Rurik.

One of the aims of the Lochac Brewers guild is to enhance individuals experience of the SCA through beverages. As such in the lead up to festival I am going to be running two brewing days at Sunday gathering for my local SCA group so that people can learn some basic brewing skills, have a product to take home and ferment it for festival.

The first of these sessions will be on 15th February at the Ainsley Scout Hall and we shall be making HYDROMEL AS I MADE IT WEAK FOR THE QUEEN MOTHER from Digby. This is a small hydromel (a variation of mead) that is about 2% ABV with strong over tones of ginger. It is a refreshing drink that is suitable for festival as a day drink.

The cost for the class is free. However four people (will be able to take home a cube (22.5L or about 25 long necks) of must (unfermented wine) to ferment and bottle/keg at home for the cost of $17. To do this people will need to bring a container suitable for transporting 22.5l of hot must home in.

Who – Rurik farseker
What – Festival brewing session 1
When – Insert date and time
Where – The Ainsley scout hall
Why – For the fun of it.
Cost – $17

The second class I shall be doing an all grain ale which people will also be able to take some home. The cost for this is yet to be worked out & people will also need a cube (you can reuse the one from the meath if is is empty).

Polit brew day meath


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