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Post Festival Brews!

Well it is all done for another year and I can breathe a sigh of relief. I have to say this year I was really impressed by how many talented brewers are out there in Lochac and how good a time was had by all at Festival. On my way home I had to stop of at my favourite brewing supplies store Marks Home Brew. When I was there one of his staff members was backing some American hops for the ready use hop market.

Well this just got me thinking ‘I have not made an APA for quite a while’ and after a friend’s efforts at R&B I said I was going to do one. Well today I have done two simple brews that are going to let the hops shine through.

Both brews are based off a simple grain bill of 85% Galaxy malt and 15% sugar. Both have been bittered with 30 IBUs of Warrior – a high AA hop that lends itself consummately to the brewing of APAs and other fruity American beers. I am going to ferment both using White Labs WLP 090 Santiago Super yeast. The only difference is the finishing hops: both brews are going to use a proprietary hop blend. The first one I brewed will have the Zythos hop blend and the second is Mark’s own, inspired by the original Little Creatures blend.

I don’t usually use a pre-blended hop mix but these two blends seemed to equal more than the sum of their parts so I went with them. I am looking forward to trying both of these beers.


The Stats

Volume – 23.5l + Kettle loss

OG – 1.053

FG – 1.010

ABV – 5.74%

IBU – 37

Boil for 90 Min

Colour – 9 EBC


The Mash

Mashed in at 20 deg.

Rest 65 deg for 90 min.

Mashed out at 78 deg.



5Kg Galaxy Malt

.5kg White sugar

20g of Warrior

WLP 090


Brew 1

2x15g of Zythos


Brew 2

2x20g of Little Creatures inspired hop blend.


This has been a fun day and I look forward to drinking the brews at coming events.





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