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English Sweet Stout

Last night I brewed myself Stout. This is a style of beer that I have always enjoyed drinking and in my early days of brewing before going to all grain I used to make it quite a bit due to how well it lends itself to extract. While I have made one or two stouts with friends a few years ago and a porter or two, I have never done one from scratch by myself. I enjoyed the ever deepening colour of the wort as it moved through the different parts of the mashing process.


The Grain

4.5kg Bairds Marris Otter

.65kg Chocolate Malt UK

.16kg Black Patent Malt

I also added .5kg of lactose to the boil.

The sweet wort was bittered with 30IBU’s of Brewers Gold in a single addition at 90mins.


I cubed this beer and hope to ferment it with Wyeast British Ale II and if the smack pack that I have of this does not work I will use White Labs WLP007.





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