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Hey all,

Currently sitting down and watching the kettle boil. After a monumental stuff up, I ran out of gas I am now spending my Sunday afternoon finishing my larger.

This brew has been a bit of  a comedy of errors, from not being able to find my hops to stuffing up my liquid mesurments but I guess I should learn from this.
Measure twice, cut once and to keep things in order.

Any how today’s brew is going to be what I like to call green bottle beer.


55l batch
Og – 1.046

The Grain
9kg of MEA Pilsiner malt.
.1 kg of Wyerman Cara Aroma
1 kg of sugar.

20 IBU’s of Northern Brewer 90 min
1g/ l of hallertau at flame out
12g per 20l hallertau dry hop in keg.

I disld this using the BIAB Method so I mashed in at 50 deg, ramped up to 62 held it there for 90 min then turned on the burner to bring it to the boil pulling the bag of grain out at 78 deg.

Boiled for 90 min. Chilled

I am fermenting this with Morgans Dry Larger Yeast at ambient (between 4 and 15 deg C) for 7 days and am going to larger it for 21 days at -7 deg C.


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