Bottled American Wheat.

Well after a week in the primary and a week in cold conditioning I kegged and bottled the American Wheat beer tonight. It is crisp and refreshing, with a nice malt profile that is balanced with the Warrior hops for bitterness. The Citra hop that this is finished with adds a good clean tang to the after-taste of this beer. I think Citra does itself proud as an understated finishing hop and I look forward to seeing what other people will do with it.

My only disappointment with this beer is the lack of haze: I was hoping for more cloudiness. I think that to remedy this the next time I brew this beer I will use German wheat instead of Australian as this has a different protein content that can lend a nice cloudiness when used in certain ways.

Will be drinking this beer in mid-February once it has come to condition. This will also help the EKG pale ale a chance to develop to it’s potential by being drunk second!


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