American Wheat

Just before Christmas last year a new hop called Citra became available in Australia, which is the headline hop in Serra Nevada Torpedo. It is quite a distinctive hop which is like all the C hops rolled into one, with many citrus like aromas and surprisingly lychee. It also reminds me of Australian Galaxy. We have sold allot of this already and from what I have heard a lot of people are doing APA’s with them. I have been drinking a lot of Murray’s Wale Ale which is an American style wheat beer that is available on tap at a few pubs around Newcastle, Australia and in bottles* as well nationally. Anyhow I digress from what this post is about and that is inspired by Murray’s and the hop Citra I have decided to brew an American style wheat beer.

Hear is the Bill

OG – 1.040
ABV – 4.5%
BU – 20

Wheat Malt 35%
Unmalted Wheat 15%
Pale Malt Ale 40%
Cara Pills 10%

Mashed at 65 Deg for 90min

Bittered with Warrior to 18 BU for 90 min.
Finised with Citra .35g per liter 10 min.

Will ferment with US-05.


Ps I stuffed my calcs up when I fist did up my grain bill so I have ended up with an OG of 1.035 which will give be an ABV of around 3.5% which I will make up to 4% at the time of bottling and kegging. I do not mind this stuff up though, it will make this beer very easy to drink.

* Skip the bottles it does not travel well.


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