East Kent Golding – Pale Ale

The Other day I was at work and opened a new pack of EKG. They smelt 100% yum. So I was inspried to do an 100% EKG pale ale. The recipe is below.

55l Batch
OG – 1.055
Yeast Wyeast 1098 London ESB
Baird Pale Malt 10kg
Pale Crystal .1kg
Crystal .2kg
Dark Crystal .1kg

Bittered to 30 IBU with EKG
Flavoured with 24g EKG for 10min
Aroma 24g EKG at flame out

When I was doing the boil on this wort the gas bottle ran out after about an hour. When working with English malts (and with any malt in my opinion) you should always do a minimum 90 minute boil. Having achieved a 10% boil off of liquid and in theroy should have had 90%+ of the hop isomirasation I was going to get any way and the fact that it was 1am in the morning I decided to finish off and go to bed. Any how fast forward to the end of fermentation and the beer is not what you would consider to be clear in any way at all. So what have I learnt from this experience 1. Do a 90 minute boil to make shore I achieve clarity. 2. Whirl Flock is you friend.

Will have to do this beer again but will probably do it in the American Pale Ale style for the hopping and keep the grain bill the same. Just so I am drinking something different.

Planing on drinking this one mid to late Febuary.


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